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FIND EDSELL - A young boy goes missing. Perhaps he's not the only one. When 17-year old Edsell Jones accepts a ride from a stranger in a blue van in Seaside, New Jersey, he has no idea that he's not going back home. Not for a long time.

Lorraine Jones comes home to a quiet house, an empty bed, and a shocking realization: her son is nowhere to be found. Edsell has been in trouble before, so no one at the police station even bats an eyelid. He'll be back, they say. He's somewhere with his no-good friends, they say. But Lorraine knows her son better than this and resorts to calling Mark and Borderline, her son's estranged friends and the only ones who ever cared about him.

As they look for clues to explain Edsell's disappearance, the boys' search leads them to the Pine Barrens, a million-acre national preserve in the heart of New Jersey, and a mysterious drug rehab facility that looks more like an underground lab. With the help of Joshua, a Pine Barrens resident and former Army Commando, and his girlfriend, Teddy, Mark and Borderline will delve deep into the mysterious forest and the suspicious medical facility no one seems to know about. They can only hope they'll emerge from these woods alive.

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FOOTES CREEK is a golf course murder mystery. After a series of grisly murders at a prestigious old boy club in New Jersey, Police Chief Mac McSorley must solve the crimes. He is still mourning the death of his beloved wife two years ago. As he moves through the investigation, he meets Abby Mitchell, a member who joins with him to help solve the crimes. A romance begins, but soon both are in danger.

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LOSING IT - Laura McMaster is wealthy and happily married. What could go wrong? Suddenly, she must run for her life, lose her identity, go off the grid and become homeless to escape a vicious killer.

Follow Laura as she struggles to survive in this cross-country thriller that begins in New Jersey, goes to Pennsylvania and on to Bozeman, Montana.

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